Favorite month. 
Last lingering days of Summer. 
The cool down into fall. 
Light layers of clothes (bc we can comfortably wear clothes again).
And fashion bc everyone's preparing to pile on heavier layers.
The leaves.
My birthday .   ___.
And the line up of holidays on the distant horizon.
... and I love you pumpkin, but stay out my coffee, but do smother yourself in whipped cream -- you're gorgeous that way.

ehh... where was I?
I'm actually excited about work! I'm pretty sure this is a universal feeling and something that's hardwired into us so as to prepare for the harder months ahead.  Still, this is the time of year I feel great, I have a million ideas, I execute them the way I hope to - one after the other, and all things work related just bring me great satisfaction.

So I've been away and had to put off listing some pieces I wanted to list a few weeks ago.  So today I will be listing those pieces of jewelry @ juleemclark ^____^

... and this lil preview for jewelry coming (hopefully) later this week...

I'm very much into emerald right now if you were having a hard time telling ;)

That's all for now.
And can't believe I'm posting this just now...


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