I Feel Medieval

   There's something primitive about the chill in the air.  It's saturated; something about it feels archaic and magic.  This isn't the first cold spat we've had; it feels like Autumn and Autumn has that quality of a darker age.  I'm riding high on inspirations of Arthurian Legend, War of the Roses, Pre-Raphealites...
"Queen of Pentacles" by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law 

   I thrive in weather like this.  That energy you sense in the air? that energy unique to Fall? or perhaps Indian Summer? it's hiding something.  It's holding something just out of sight; something that wants to be drawn out into the open. I look forward to the witchery of Fall every year.  The spell it has on me, I feel it brings the past and the dreams we never wanted to wake from.

Mists of Avalon


I am a vessel to the remains of the year and the whims of mother nature.  Come fall I'm empty and needing content.  She brings inspiration and color; the meeting place of death. and rebirth.  To me this season resonates strongly with the Medieval world; then the sidhe were an explanation to most questions subsequently creating a way of life.  They were as commonplace as any faith or belief of our modern age: the embodiments of natural phenomena wrapped up in beings belonging to an invisible realm and influencing our world and its nature. 

"Ophelia" by John William Waterhouse 


   I have this yearning to step into the woods and vanish into the surrounding mists and trees, the undergrowth below, and the canopy above.  I want to dissolve into the Autumn air, to become elemental; I want to sleep, to fade into that ancient world beyond the vale.  I want to return to nature and to become supernature.  



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