a little bit about my year

remember that one time i posted something in august... yeah, that was the post previous to this one. i know, i know, i only do this for the sake of the jewelry and not because i'm a particularly fascinating blogger. so i guess when my interest in my jewelry goes out the window you can imagine how much space in my mind this account occupies (... if we're being honest, any thought or reflection on the written content of this blog causes much cringing and face-palming. ugh)

i'm still finding my "new" normal, i suppose. the good news is i do like my jewelry again. in short, here's what happened: my husband took a job out of state and 700 miles from home 'causing a fairly significant move (for us). once in virginia, i knew nobody and was house bound all day with just my jewelry for company... of which i then became resentful.

i finally got around to applying for a part time position at the business my husband works for - that gets me out of my house and into the company of sentient, friendly beings as opposed to struggling with, and cleaning up after, snubbish, hauty pieces of jewelry.

now that i'm away from my jewelry so often, i have a new found appreciation for it. dare i say? i miss it ... again, and i think our relationship may be headed for a renaissance. at least i'm blogging about it... that's something. i have made and listed a few pieces which brings me to my favorite part of this post: sharing new jewelry!!


well i would say this is the quick decline into a happily ever after after that show-and-tell crescendo, but for some reason that makes this post feel like a job half-ass'd... ... oh well! it is what it is :3
and i hope you love it for what it is<3


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