Friday, June 27, 2014

Silver Lining of the Week

... And, it's Friday.

Jewelry, I feel it should be a safe assumption that’s why anyone would come here.  
While I'm sure most followers would be familiar with the Signature Series, I do believe this is the first group photo I have of the ladies.  
(links are provided in image captions)
Ladies Ocean, Nebula, and, new to the family, Pulsar. Aren't they lovely?!
I mentioned Tuesday I have a million ideas I want to pull out of my head and share with everyone, but in reality the evidence of those great ideas is scarce by fault of my human limitations.  However, I do have a few great, new, "phone camera" pics of old pieces (emphasis on phone camera because these are as beautiful as anything I have captured with my DSLR). It's magical to see the range of color available in the ring collection all in one shot.  

Lady of the Ocean Cuff and friends
I'm also considering doubling my workbench as the new photo set; save some time... and it just looks great.  My jewelry is known for it's shabby-chic photo set; all the white, the books, and the dried flowers; very romantic, but I don't know if that's me.  I have a feeling my photo set is soon to become "sets" ... various sets. 

 Perhaps I'll have new designs next week;)


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


                Hello and welcome to “Tue and Fri”.  Why Tue and Fri? those are the days you will get updates and new material to feast your hungry eye’s upon.  I’m Julee, I’m known for my body of work “Harlequin Romantique”; I make and sell jewelry and accessories, and Tue & Fri is set to be the new blog following the rebranding of my work.  I plan to share the story of why I have rebranded in the future, but for now, I want to talk a little more about this new blog, my work and what to expect.
As mentioned, every Tuesday and Friday morning there will be a new blog highlighting Julee M Clark recent works, store news and upcoming events.  The idea is to preview jewelry and other items in the mkaing on Tuesdays; on Friday finished works will be showcased.
On the wake of a rather significant shift in life I’m trying to catch up: what this means is my work has suffered a huge blow and is still reeling.  I have every intention of picking up and coming back, and this is exactly what the rebranding is about, “a new day”.  I cannot wait to get going and share all the new ideas and jewelry I have racing through my head.  I hope once I have some new pieces to showoff, all watching will be equally excited.  I look forward to smothering this blog with copious amounts sparklies.
And sometimes I just like to write and regurgitate thoughts, inspirations, and frustrations.  Expect the rogue blog here and there; sometimes I want to connect with my readers through more than what I do.  If I have personal stories or news to share that is important and appropriate, it could very well make its way to Tue & Fri.
To conclude the very first Tue & Fri entry, I only want this blog to deliver the way a blog should.  I hope the content is enough to keep followers engrossed and craving more.  I hope you’re all ready for some satisfying, bejeweled nourishment each Tuesday and Friday morning.  (PS don’t be surprised if I lose my mind and start in talking about actual food. There’s a real possibility it could happen).          

-Julee M Clark