Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I'm so excited to begin listing the emerald pieces I've been working on all month.

To anyone who is not me, it's true that these pieces have seemed more talk than action as I'm the only one who knows what is going on behind the scenes, and what's been going on? I kind of have this thing where I'll make one central piece and then several satellite pieces. The Basilisk collar is that central piece and every time I would get hung up on an area in the collar and not know how to proceed I would focus on a smaller pieces (or draw). However, I was somehow finding ways to be just as stumped with the smaller pieces. This "way" of mine isn't something that's out of the ordinary, but it is pretty much the case with me every single time, this grouping was just particularly difficult and frustrating, and far more slow going. So, not to sound like a broken record, but I'm now super excited to begin the listing process. Here's what should be arriving @ juleemclark over the next 48 hours:

... in the beginning...
flora and fauna no5

... stay tuned!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Versus MMXV

I realized only earlier today that if I want to keep up with last fall I have my work cut out for me.  I revisited my designs from last year earlier today - consider me daunted.
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to look back on that jewelry.  For it to appeare better than I had remembered it, that's a thing with me: I can think more fondly of my work in hindsight, but it arouses insecurity in me, as well.  Because of that I could be setting myself up for disappointment in what I make in the coming weeks - expecting it to be as good as the magic memory I'm reflecting on...  I guess the good news is that I do enjoy a challenge.
Even better, is that I'm working out all the core/foundational areas of my store: updating policy, cleaning up descriptions, re-evaluating products, dealing with new shipping rates.  The store is being all around gutted and de-cluttered of dated info.  So that where as selling was a bumpy ride last year things are being re-worked to operate smoothly this year -- so that's a breath of fresh air.  I think - I hope - this will encourage my creativity the way a clean studio can.

In any case, humor me! let's take a walk down memory lane.  Fall two-thousand fifteen @ JuleeM.Clark design was a lot of purple and neutral -- this year will be more emerald and neutral.  Hopefully posting this blog with a gallery of old work will be the magic recipe to inspire new ideas in me:)

Well, I'm not gonna lie, the album I had these pics in there was also a pic of a giant, gooey cinnamon roll... I need to go eat something awful for me now.  I hope you understand.  


Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Favorite month. 
Last lingering days of Summer. 
The cool down into fall. 
Light layers of clothes (bc we can comfortably wear clothes again).
And fashion bc everyone's preparing to pile on heavier layers.
The leaves.
My birthday .   ___.
And the line up of holidays on the distant horizon.
... and I love you pumpkin, but stay out my coffee, but do smother yourself in whipped cream -- you're gorgeous that way.

ehh... where was I?
I'm actually excited about work! I'm pretty sure this is a universal feeling and something that's hardwired into us so as to prepare for the harder months ahead.  Still, this is the time of year I feel great, I have a million ideas, I execute them the way I hope to - one after the other, and all things work related just bring me great satisfaction.

So I've been away and had to put off listing some pieces I wanted to list a few weeks ago.  So today I will be listing those pieces of jewelry @ juleemclark ^____^

... and this lil preview for jewelry coming (hopefully) later this week...

I'm very much into emerald right now if you were having a hard time telling ;)

That's all for now.
And can't believe I'm posting this just now...