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september in the making

I've been rather silent lately.  I'm currently working on a lot of new jewelry among other things.  I'm working on several pieces I want to have ready for juleemclark @ etsy come next Tuesday.   I love the summer/autumn transition; it's my favorite time of year and I'm flooded with ideas.  I've maybe given myself too much to deal with so social media and trying to simultaneously create listings just isn't something I can work into my schedule right now.  However, I still have all these pics that I thought I would share to instagram at some point, but just never arrived to it.  So I have decided to dump all of these pics I'm holding onto into a single journal post.

I hope you enjoy this gallery of previews.  I didn't get to preview everything I'm working on, but hopefully that will make those absent that much more delightful when they turn up next week.  I'm gonna get back to working so that by Tuesday all this jewelry isn't in the same s…

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