jewelry post no1

goin' for it. 
gonna post some jewelry:D

the two foremost pieces of this post are some rather extravagant chainmaille pieces i've just completed.  the remaining few pieces of jewelry are pieces i have been meaning to post for some time or pieces that were made along side the chainmaille, but are simple and are, more or less, accent pieces.  regardless, i hope you love everything:)

de castile and aquitaine are the two chainmalle hand-pieces i have been working on for the past month(s).  while they are fairly labor intensive and tedious (and their prices will reflect that), the only reason they have taken as long as they have is because i didn't quite expect to go, with them, where i went. 

de Castile
the first existing photos of de castile were posted posted back on june 4th and 7th to instagram.  i also made a time-lapse of weaving the first chainmaille for the bracelet on the 4th and eventually posted it to facebook

it's been a long road, a fun road, and i couldn't be excited about where it has ended.  i thought the idea of castile was neat, but i didn't expect to be as happy with the results as i am. 

sometime early on in the process of castile i had discarded some maille i had intened for the piece, that quickly turned into aquitaine. again, another piece i didn't expect to be so happy with, but here we are, and she's not as large and ornate as her sister, but she's still lovely (... especially, if you're into that whole not-too-over-the-top thing).
one of my favorite things about these hand pieces is how they hug your hand like a fingerless, chainmaille mini-glove and, in the case of aquitaine, the way it slides back on to your forearm when you raise your arms; something about the way she rests there appears very elegant to me (i'll have to get a pic of that).

now for the other pieces: 
i don't have much to elaborate on as my focus and excitement belongs 98% to the chainmaille. 
i do really love this next piece, swallowtail.  upon finishing and photographing the piece i completely forgot to list it to etsy so i'll be doing that later today. 

the same with these gold lys earrings. 

gold lys

and lastly, these midi-rings.  these are new and are smashing with the chainmaille hand-jewelry. 

A photo posted by @juleemclark on

 they're also perfect for your mani if you feel a lil crown is in order... 

... well, i'll wrap it up there.  i hope you've liked what you've seen.  it's not much in the way of new jewelry, but those first two pieces have taken most of my energy for the past week (and less of that energy over the weeks previous).  later when they're listed to etsy i'll be advertising those listing to facebook so that they're hard to miss;) 

-have a great weekend-


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