idolatry 101: a list


(a list of amazing peeps who inspire me and make me wanna get to work)

Disclaimer: It would seem I'm particularly bad at talking and expressing my thoughts this week so I'll be brief with my words and to stick to the pretty images as much as possible:)

  • Michele Carragher 
Cersei - Game of Thrones - The Winds of Winter
If you're not yet familiar with the latest Cersei dress you've probably been living under a rock.  Just kidding, it's probably just because they're my airwaves, but they're absolutely polluted with this dress (of which I didn't need reminding).  It's amazing and hardly forgettable. 
The woman responsible for the embroidery is even more impressive.  There seemed at first to be some mini-mystery surrounding her name, but after some cursory research I have concluded Micheles Clapton and Carragher are indeed two different women working closely together, heading the costume design team for GoT.  Clapton is the costume designer and Carragher, the embroidery genius. 
Her emboirdery is remarkable to me... as it does seem to be her signature: moss, dragon-scales, natural textures arising from frabic as if it were what nature had intended, fantastical coats of arms and other familial iconia.  Her embroidery is like a Pui-Mun Law set to fabric.  It's magical!
Danearys - all the beautiful dragon scale work in her gowns

Dornish Dresses Season 5    

  • Kathe Knitch
I have bought those mask blanks craft stores carry in the past thinking that "if I just try" I too could make a gorgeous Venitian mask like those of SweetRuin - Oh how wrong I was.  She is certainly an artist who satisifies that need for a little French Rococo in your life.  She does her work well weaving her frilly witchcraft of secret spells and lacey arcana. 

Maybe she does a class on mask-making.  Prolly wouldn't hurt to ask.  

  • Agnieszka Osipa
And last, but certainly not least, the mind trip.  A woman destined for deification.  I can barely make a chain that will rest on someone's head the correct way (even then I can't promise it won't tangle in your hair and maim your scalp) let alone a towering bejeweled byzantine structure, that has not only  been patterned, embroidered, and bedazzled, but sits faithfully in place.   

The amount of engineering these headdresses must take would more than exhaust any existing creativity left in me.  This, however, does not dissuade me from wanting to make massive, ornate headdresses... keenly aware as I am that I can't even dress-up a mask blank. 

~ end list ~

Finally, putting this blog together rather stirred my creativity in the same general direction, but scatter-brained as ever I couldn't choose just one thing so half-ass'd several.

For instance, some drawings that won't see completion...

A photo posted by @juleemclark on

... and this really neat armor ring that I'm not entirely sure how to move forward. Oh well...

Now you can spend your Friday night getting lost in Agnieszka's instagram page, but then, not everyone has to do what I do:3

Hope ya luvs!!


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